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THOMAS MATHERS is my 2nd Great Grandfather on my paternal line.


There is not too much known about this man.  He is the father of my Great Grandfather, WILLIAM JOHN MATHERS who I wrote about in #5.  WILLIAM was born about 1845 so I figure his father THOMAS would have been born about 1820.


I have not found any records for the area of Tyrone, Ireland that mention THOMAS MATHERS.  The records for birth and marriage are available from the Registra’s Office only after 1864.  The birth and marriage records before that time will be found in the church records.  I have not found any for the townland Gallony, Tyrone, Ireland which WILLIAM reported he was from on his marriage record.


WILLIAM’S marriage record also indicates that his father, THOMAS was deceased when he married in January of 1864.


I do know that THOMAS did not have any other children with the mother of WILLIAM.  That information was passed down through the family that WILLIAM was an only child.


More and more records are becoming available about Ireland so I will be checking all new databases for any information I can find about THOMAS MATHERS in County Tyrone and possibly County Donegal in Ireland.

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