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PATRICK MC GUIGAN is my 2nd Great Grandfather in my paternal line.  He was born about 1815 in Armagh County, Ireland.  He is the oldest ancestor in the McGuigan family that I have found.  I would really like to know his father’s name.


I have found the baptismal records of three of his children, Peter baptized on December 27, 1839, Alice baptized on July 25, 1842 and Thomas baptized on December 29, 1846 (he is my Great Grandfather).  They were all baptized in the Parish of Tynan, Armagh, Ireland.  The records do not go back any further so I don’t know if there were other children before Peter.  I haven’t found any after Thomas in 1846.


All the baptisms indicate that the father is Patrick McGuigan and the mother is Mary Hughes.  I have not found a marriage record for this couple. 


The only other record I have indicating Patrick McGuigan is the 1864 Valuations (Griffiths) which shows he is leasing land from an Edward Johnstone in Crossdall, Armagh County, lot #43 with a House, offices (sheds) and land equaling 14 acres with the valuation of £12.

This map shows the property in 1864 in the townland of Crossdall.


I did find a Grandson, Thomas Mc Guigan, still on that property in the 1901 and 1911 census.  There are no other censuses to follow the family on that land.  There are records that show the owners and who buys the land next but apparently it is lost for this area of Ireland.  The records are called the Cancellation Records.


I do know that a 2nd Great Grandson of Patrick McGuigan does own the property now.  His name is Peter McGuigan.  So the property has been in the family since 1864 that I know of and I would like to find out who had the land before Patrick McGuigan.


I do not know the name of Patrick McGuigan’s father.  One cousin has said it was Mark but I haven’t found any mention of this in any record.  I think it might not be true because there is only one Mark in the family.  The naming tradition for the Irish was naming the first son after the father’s father.  If that were the case there would be more Mark’s in the family.


I have not found a death record for Patrick McGuigan or his wife Mary Hughes.  There is a black granite headstone in the St. John Cemetery, Middletown, County Armagh saying In Loving Memory of Thomas McGuigan and Mayme McGuigan RIP.  The relatives in the area say this is the headstone for my Thomas McGuigan and his wife Mary Hughes McGuigan who was called Mayme.  Unfortunately the headstone does not give any dates.

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