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ROBERT LIVINGSTONE, my 5th  great grandfather, was born 1709 in Massachusetts.  He married Zebiah Sergeant March 19, 1729 in Malden, Massachusetts.  Zebiah’s great great grandparents, John and Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland came on the Mayflower.

Robert and Zebiah Livingstone had 3 sons and 7 daughters.  Their daughter Hannah married William Moore.  The father of William Moore also a William Moore along with Robert Livingstone were early settlers of the towns of Londonderry and New Boston, New Hampshire.

After the Revolutionary War, Canadian representatives were offering, men with sympathies with the English Government, land in New Brunswick, Canada.  Many from the towns of Londonderry and New Boston came together and formed the Cape Ann Association and as a group went up to Canada.

Robert Livingstone and his wife Zebiah and some of their children accepted the land and had a wonderful farm as told to John Elliott Moore in 1898 by Mrs. Martha Moore Campbell.  This was stated in the book by John E. Moore “Memorial of the Loyalist Families of William Moore, Joshia Hitchings, and Robert Livingstone”. 

Even though this book’s title says it is about the Moore, Hitchings and Livingstone families it doesn’t mention the Livingston family.  The other two families have all their descendants listed from about 1620 in Ireland until 1898 when the book was written.  The only mention of the Livingstone family is a quote from Mrs. Martha Moore Campbell.

I had never realized this fact because I was interested in the Moore family.  I have research several places such as,, and Massachusetts web sites and not found very much on this Robert Livingstone.  His son also named Robert was a Revolutionary solider and there is a lot of information on him and his family but nothing mentions his father or mother.

I plan on doing more research on this family in the future.

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