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Elizabeth Tilley was my 11th Great Grandmother.

Elizabeth Tilley (c. Aug 1607 - December 21, 1687) Elizabeth Tilley was one of the passengers on the historic 1620 voyage of the Mayflower. She was the daughter of Mayflower passenger John Tilley and his wife Joan Hurst. She eventually married fellow Mayflower passenger John Howland, with whom she had ten children. Because of their great progeny, she and her husband have millions of living descendants today.

Elizabeth Tilley was born in Henlow, Bedfordshire, England where she was baptized in August, 1607. According to parish records, she was the youngest of five children born to her parents. She also had an older step-sister, Joan, from her mother's first marriage to Thomas Rogers (no relation to the Mayflower passenger of the same name).

It is likely that when she was a small girl, she moved with her parents to the Netherlands, where her parents are documented as members of the Leiden Separatist congregation as well as her Uncle Edward. They called themselves the Pilgrims.

The Pilgrims hired a ship called the Speedwell to take them from the Netherlands to Southampton, England to meet up with the Mayflower. The two ships planned to sail together to Northern Virginia. The Speedwell developed leaking problems and eventually realized it could not make the journey. The cargo and some passengers transferred to the Mayflower and set sail. After 66 days with very rough seas they decided to anchor at Cape Cod rather than risk an attempt to go south to Virginia. They spent the next month exploring Cape Cod trying to decide where to build their plantation. On December 25, 1620 they decided on Plymouth and started constructing their buildings.


John Tilley and his wife Joan both died the first winter as did his brother Edward Tilley and wife Ann. This left Elizabeth an orphan and so she was taken in by the Carver family. The Carvers died about a year later, and part of their estate was inherited by their servant, John Howland, and Elizabeth became his ward in 1622. Then on March 25, 1623 John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley married.

The children of John and Elizabeth Howland are Desire, John, Hope, Elizabeth, Lydia, Hannah, Joseph, Jabez, Ruth, and Isaac.

My family is descended from their daughter Hope Howland.

This is the descendant list of the Howlands down to my parents.

Elizabeth Tilley married John Howland

Hope Howland married John Chipman

Lydia Chipman married John Sargent

William Sargent married Mary Lewis

Zebiah Sargent married Robert Livingstone

Hannah Livingstone married William Moor

Tristram Moore married Thankful Foster

Horatio Moore married Mary C. Rose

Tristram Moore married Genevieve Counts

John N. Moore married Isabel Tierney

Ruth Moore married James Mathews

Ref - Caleb Johnson's


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