Monday, November 22, 2010

Brick Walls

In my last post I mentioned Brick Walls, I have several and will list them below.

In my Moore family, Tristram A. Moore, b. 1851 in Canada, deserted his family sometime after 1900 in Savannah Georgia.  The story that has been passed down is he went to sea and died at sea.  I have not been able to find any record of his death.

Another problem family is the Murphy family in Brooklyn.  John Murphy and Nora Quinlan married sometime around 1870.  Their first child was born 1874, I have that certificate.  They both were born in Ireland.  Perhaps when and if I find their marriage record it will tell me where they came from in Ireland and when they came.

On my father's maternal side I have a lot of information on the McGuigan's.  I am now trying to connect all the McGuigan's in their small town of Crossdall.  With the information I gather I hope to find the name of my 3rd great grandfather.  Some relatives have said his name is Mark, but there are very few Mark's in the family so I am not too sure that is right.

We also have the Glessoff family from Russia.  I have John and Alexandria's passenger list of their arrival in 1897, but haven't started to research Russian records. 

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