Monday, January 7, 2019

52 Ancestors 52 Weeks – Week 2 Challenge

Blogger Amy Johnson Crow has challenged us with writing about an Ancestor once a week for the year 2019.  She will give us prompts to get us started.  This week's prompt is Challenge.

I think doing genealogy research is a challenge every day.  Just recently I received an email from a distant cousin asking if I had proof of her great grandmother’s parents’ names.

Her great grandmother, Elizabeth McCrudden Mulraney, was a sister to my great grandmother, Mary McCrudden Mathers. 

I had been told by my father’s cousin, Bunny Morris, that Mary McCrudden and her sisters Catherine, Elizabeth. Teresa and Ann were born to James McCrudden and Catherine Harvey.  Bunny had lived with Mary McCrudden and spoke to her often about her family in Ireland.  All the sisters came to America. They did have two brothers Thomas and William who stayed in Ireland.

The challenge I had was finding proof of the parent’s names, hopefully in a document. I found the proof in the marriage certificate of Elizabeth McCrudden which indicates her parents are James McCrudden and Catherine Harvey.

City of New York    Return of a Marriage

Full Name of Husband                      George Mulraney

Place of Residence                             337 Washington St., New York

Age Next Birthday                             27

Occupation                                        Shoe Maker

Place of Birth                                     Ireland

Fathers Name                                    George

Mothers Maiden Name                    Ann Martin

No. of Husband Marriage 1st

Full Name of Wife                              Lizzie McCrudden

Place of Residence                             134 W. 28th St., New York

Age Next Birthday                             26

Place of Birth                                      Ireland

Fathers Name                                    James

Mothers Maiden Name                    Catherine Harvey

No. of Wife Marriage                        1st

New York February 5, 1876

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