Thursday, June 9, 2016


Since the last blog on my Grandfather’s brother, TRISTRAM JAMES MOORE (aka JAMES T. MOORE), I have received documents to show the new information I have found on his life and death.

The following is the WW 1 Draft Registration for JAMES TRISTRAM MOORE in 1917. This document proves that he did come up to New York at the time my Grandfather came to New York.


WW 1 Draft Registration Card

The new information I found is the marriage record for JAMES and his wife, EDITH.  As I mentioned in the last blog, he was living with her and her parents in the 1930 census so I was able to find her maiden name.  I received the marriage certificate which confirms my information.

Marriage Certificate #4285 October 1, 1920 (FHL Film#1644068)

I know it is hard to read but it indicates the groom as-

JAMES T. MOORE age 30, single, a mechanic, born in USA.  His Father is TRISTRAM and Mother JENNIE COUNTS. It is his first marriage. 

The bride is EDITH WRIGHT, age 21, born in USA. Her Father is, THOMAS and Mother, NELLIE BAKER. It is her first marriage also.  The marriage date is February 24, 1924.

The next document I have is JAMES TRISTRAM MOORE’S WW11 Draft Registration dated April 27, 1942.  Apparently, he is not living with his wife at this time.  I wasn’t aware that he had married so I wasn’t surprised he was living with his sister.

WW11 Draft Registration dated April 27, 1942 (

The final document I have for JAMES T. MOORE is his death certificate.


Death Certificate #1749 September 7, 1946

 (FHL Film#2208992)

This also is very hard to see. 

It indicates that JAMES TRISTRAM MOORE died September 7, 1946 at the Halloran General Hospital in Staten Island, New York.  The document states that he was living at the address in Staten Island for 3 months before being admitted to the hospital.  It is indicated that he is separated from his wife, Edith.  The cause of death was Bronchial Pneumonia.  I am very sure this is the right person because the information is given by my Grandfather, JOHN N. MOORE and it indicates he is JAMES T. MOORE’S brother. 

I have been looking for this brother of my Grandfather for many years.  This just proves that you can never give up.  Keeping searching the records and one day the information you are looking for will finally be uncovered.

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