Monday, May 9, 2016

Crashed Through One of My Brick Walls

While searching for the siblings of my grandfather, John Moore, I finally broke down one of my brick walls.

I do know the names of the siblings, Ann Wilhelmina, Mary, Elizabeth (Bessie) and Tristram.  They were all born in Savannah to Tristram and Genevieve (Jenny) Counts.  I know that when my grandfather left Savannah and came to New York he brought the whole family except his father.  His father had deserted the family around 1901.  The family came to New York sometime between 1910 and 1918.  I found the family in the 1910 census in Savannah and then I find my grandfather getting married in 1918 in Brooklyn.

I know a lot about my grandfather’s sister Mary.  She married William Cosgrove and had a son named John Cosgrove. Unfortunately, Mary and William divorced.  My grandfather promised to help his sister and nephew out. The other two sisters never married and took care of their mother.   I know the family lived together in Brooklyn for many years, except for my grandfather and his wife and children.  What I didn’t know was anything about my grandfather’s brother.  No one ever talked about him or do I have any pictures with him included.

I have been looking in all records trying to find something, anything about his life.  The databases on-line are always getting updated with new information and I always put in his name to check.  Well, this week, I was told about a database on that was updated and I check for the death of Tristram Moore.  I found the death record for James T. Moore with the parents of Tristram and Jenny Moore.  Apparently, he switched his middle name to his first name.  It also gave the birth date that I had for him.  The death date was September 10, 1946. The index for the document also indicated he was married and his wife’s name was Edith.  What a find!

I looked in the 1940 census and didn’t find him but the 1930 census had James and Edith living with her parents, John and Nellie Wright in Manhattan.  The census indicates they were married for 6 years.  I then looked at the index for marriages in Manhattan and found the marriage for James and Edith Wright, on February 24, 1924.

I will be sending for the actual documents to see if there is any more information than on the index.

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