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This month I will be writing about the siblings of my Great Grandmother, Mary McCrudden Mathers.


When talking to cousin Bunny Morris about all the Mathers/Mathews family lines she told me about Mary McCrudden’s siblings, but I wasn’t interested in researching those lines at the time.  Now that I have more information on all the family it is time to go further with the McCrudden line.


James and Catherine (Harvey) McCrudden had 7 children, Mary (Great Grandmother), Elizabeth, Catherine, Theresa, Ann, Thomas and William.


I was also told of husbands of the girls. Elizabeth married George Mulraney, Catherine married Charles Callen, Theresa married Daniel Boyle, and Ann married someone named McManus.  I did not get any information of Thomas and William’s marriages.


I started researching the name in New York.  I also looked in California because I had heard that some relatives were in California.  I didn’t know who particularly.


I have been searching the following web sites –,, and  The genealogybanks web site is for newspapers and I found many obituary notices on many of the family in California. 


In New York I found the marriage record in the New York Health Department Records on the Database of Marriages on  for Elizabeth and George Mulraney marrying in Manhattan on December 25, 1876 on certificate #19 filed under 1877.


I have looked for the other sister’s marriages in Ireland, New York and California and have not found any to date.  I will keep trying, the names could have been misspelled and I don’t know when they might have married.


I have been following the Elizabeth McCrudden and George Mulraney family since they married and the following is what I have found.


California Census 1880

(1880; Census Place: San Francisco, San Francisco, California; Roll: 75; Family History Film: 1254075; Page: 225B; Enumeration District: 081; Image: 0152)


The family is living in San Francisco.  George is 28 and a shoemaker, Elizabeth known as Lizzie is 29 and they have a daughter Katie who is 1 year old.


California Census 1900

 (1900; Census Place: San Francisco, San Francisco, California; Roll: 101; Page: 11B; Enumeration District: 0071; FHL microfilm: 1240101)


In this census it gives some good information.  The family is still living in San Francisco.


George is still a shoemaker and it gives his birth date as November 1849 and he was born in Ireland.


This census also tells when they immigrated to the United States.  George came in 1869 and he was naturalized. 


Lizzie came in 1871 and her birth date is September 1851.  Under Lizzie it tells that she had 8 children and 6 are living now.


  1. Katie born February 1879 age 21
  2.  Annie born November 1882 age 18
  3. Helen born September 1882 age 17
  4. Mary born November 1883 age 16
  5. James born October 1886 age 13
  6. Bessie born March 1888 age 12


California Census 1910

(1910; Census Place: San Francisco Assembly District 31, San Francisco, California; Roll: T624_96; Page: 5B; Enumeration District: 0028; FHL microfilm: 1374109)


In this census, George is still a shoemaker and one daughter is missing from the family, possibly married.  Another daughter Mary indicates she is married and her married name is Matter but there is no husband listed.


I am curious how this family managed during the famous earthquake of 1906 in San Francisco.


On September 4, 1911, George Mulraney/Mulreany died in San Francisco, California.

On March 8, 1914, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Mulraney/Mulreany died in San Francisco, California.

("California, Death Index, 1905-1939." Image 417 of 870. FamilySearch. : accessed 2015. Citing Department of Health Services. Vital Statistics Department, Sacramento. California, Death Index, 1905-1939 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2013.

Original data: California Department of Health and Welfare. California Vital Records-Vitalsearch ( The Vitalsearch Company Worldwide, Inc., Pleasanton, California. )

In the next blog I will expand on this Mulraney family in California.





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