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DENNIS TIERNEY was born in Ireland according to all the records I have found but I do not know where in Ireland.  DENNIS TIERNEY is my maternal 2nd Great Grandfather. He was the Grandfather of my maternal Grandmother, Isabel Tierney Moore who I wrote about in #16 of the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks.


I found DENNIS TIERNEY  in several Federal Census Records and City Directories  which  indicated that his occupation at first was a Policeman, 1857 Directory, then a Street RR Conductor in the 1870 Census and then in the 1880 Census where it states he is a retired Policeman.


He married a woman named Mary, but I don’t know her maiden name, around 1855.  That date is calculated by the birth year of their oldest known son, Patrick.  Patrick was born around 1856. Their other children were John J. born 1859 and Dennis born in 1860.  I have not been able to find the children’s birth or baptismal records to confirm their dates or find the maiden name of their Mother.


DENNIS TIERNEY’S wife, Mary died June 17, 1888 at the home they lived in the 1880 Census.  In the 1892 New York State Census I find DENNIS TIERNEY living with his son Dennis and his wife Mary and their 3 children.   Then I found DENNIS TIERNEY living with his other son PATRICK TIERNEY, and family in the 1900 Census in Queens, New York.


DENNIS TIERNEY died on February 23, 1903 in Queens, New York. His death certificate #3554 indicates he was buried in Calvary Cemetery on February 25, 1903.  The person that gave the information on the Death Certificate indicated that DENNIS’ Father’s name was Patrick and his Mother’s name was Johanna (no maiden name).  These names are clues I will use to further search records here and in Ireland to find more information on the Tierney family.

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