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Tristram Anderson Moore was born August 6, 1851 in Moore's Mill, New Brunswick, Canada.  His parents were Horatio Nelson Moore (#8 on my blog) and Mary Christiana Rose both of New Brunswick, Canada


Tristram was the oldest and only son.  His sisters were Kathleen Olive born May 6, 1853, Anna Rose (Nannie) born April, 1855 and Bessie Agnes born December 14, 1858 all in Moore's Mill, New Brunswick, Canada.


When Tristram was about 9 years old his family moved from Canada to Alabama.  It must have been quite a change for a young boy, a new country and warmer temperatures.  The family did move near other family members so they had familiar people around them.





1860 Census of Mobile, Alabama


This census lists the family in Mobile, Alabama with the father, Horatio as a Music Teacher, mother, Mary, and children, Tristram, Catherine, Annie and Bessie.



Shortly after moving to Alabama the Civil War started, putting the country into turmoil.  Tristram was too young to join in the fighting but his father was recruited as were some of his Uncles.


After the war Tristram starting working for his cousin, Frank B. Williams, at his  Cypress Lumbering Company in Patterson, Louisiana. I believe he piloted the ship carrying logs to the mill.  This was mentioned in letters written by Frank’s mother, Emily Williams, back home to family in Canada.


Around 1880 the Moore family moved to Savannah, Georgia because Tristram’s father, Horatio N. Moore, started a job working for the Ludden Bates Music Company.  Tristram also went to work for the company at their Southern Music House.



I received this photo taken in front of the store by the grandson of another worker in the photo, George Murphy.  This Grandson, a Mr. Upchurch, owned the store in the 1980's when I was in contact with him.  He seemed to think that Tristram's wife, Genevieve Counts, also worked at the store and that is how they met.  She could possibly be in this photo also. Tristram is the very tall gentleman in the rear left of the photo.



Tristram married Genevieve Counts October 4, 1885 in Savannah, Georgia.

Tristram and Genevieve had 6 children.


Ann Wilhelmina born November 21, 1886

Mary born April 11, 1888,

John Nelson (my Grandfather) born July 2, 1889

Bessie born September 1, 1890

Tristram James born August 11, 1892

Francis born December 25, 1894






1900 Census Savannah, Georgia


The 1900 census has the family living in Savannah.  It lists the head of the house as Tristram and he is working as a Piano Tuner. The census also lists the wife, Genevieve, and the children, Annie, Mary, John, Bessie and Tristram.  The son, Francis died in 1898 at age 4.


The family seemed to be doing fine in the 1900 census but by 1905 Tristram had deserted the family by joining a crew on a ship out of Savannah.  Several years after he left, the family was told he died at sea.  I have not found any proof of his death though.





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