Thursday, September 11, 2014


I have written about my Grandmother Mamie Mc Guigan who was born

in Middletown, Armagh, Ireland in week #2 of 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. Her parents were Thomas and Ann (Mallon) Mc Guigan. Mamie had 3 sisters, Alice, Elizabeth and Bridget and one brother Patrick, this week’s blog is about Patrick.


Patrick was born in 1881 or 1882, I am still trying to get his birth record, it might have to wait until I travel to Ireland because it hasn’t been filmed by the Mormon church. In the Index of Ireland Birth records there are two Patrick McGuigans in the Middletown area, one born in 1881 and the other

in 1882. Until I look at the actual record I will not know which is my Patrick McGuigan.


Patrick's mother, Ann Mallon McGuigan, died April 9, 1883 in

Middletown, Ireland. I image it was very hard for his father with a house full of children to manage his life and do the farming. I am sure his extended family helped out as much as they could though. Three years later Thomas McGuigan married Catherine McNaughton. The family is listed in the 1901 Irish Census still residing in the house where Patrick would have been born. The family now consisted of father Thomas, mother Catherine, Bridget, Patrick and a new son named Thomas William aged 10.  At this time Mamie and her sisters Elizabeth have already immigrated to New York.





I have never heard anything about Patrick from family stories. I thought he would eventually become the owner of the farm in Middletown because he was the oldest son, but I haven’t found records indicating that. I find Patrick residing in the same house in the 1911 Irish Census. He is still living with his father and step-mother and his half brother. I don't believe he ever married as he was already 30 years old in this Census Record.






I did hear that the son, Thomas William McGuigan, owned the house after he married. My thought is that Patrick died before Thomas William married but have found nothing to confirm that idea.


Hopefully I will soon be able to find his birth record and connect with some family members still living in Ireland and find out what happened to Patrick McGuigan.