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In January 2014, Amy Johnson Crow of the Ancestry blog No Story Too Small issued the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge.

The premise: write once a week about a specific ancestor. It could be a story, a biography, a photograph, a research problem — any that focuses on that one ancestor. The next week, write about a different ancestor. In 52 weeks, you’ll have taken a closer look at 52 people in your family tree… and maybe learned a little bit more about them in the process.

Honora Quinlan was my husband’s paternal great grandmother.   Honora was born in Ireland according to all the documents I found on her.  The years 1852 to 1864 were stated as her birth in several census records and on her death record.  She had her first child in 1873 so I figure her birthday was most likely closer to 1852.

I found Honora with her husband, John Murphy in the 1880 census living in Brooklyn, New York.  Also living with them were their children Mary born in 1873, Patrick born in 1875, Thomas (my husbands grandfather) born in 1877 and Maggie born about 1879 plus Honora’s, mother Mary Quinlan.  The 1900 census indicates that she came to the United States in 1870 but I have not found her or her family on any Passenger List as yet.

I found Honora’s mother, Mary in the Brooklyn Directory listed as the widow of Michael Quinlan, but that is the only place I have found any mention of Honora’s father’s name. 

As you can see I do not have anything substantial on Honora.  I know she was born in Ireland according to all I have found.  She is listed as John Murphy’s wife in the census records.  Honora and John are the parents 4 children.  Honora’s mother name is Mary and her father is Michael.  I do have her death certificate but the birth information on the certificate is secondary and questionable. 

I do not have a birth certificate or exact place of birth.  I do not have a marriage record.  I do not have any immigration records.  I have looked for Honora and John’s marriage both in the New York and Irish records and found nothing. 

I have searched many records and used many different plans of attack such as searching other family members, neighbors, and sponsors on her children’s birth records.  I have put this family tree on  all in the hope someone will come along and have a clue to the next step in finding more about Honora Quinlan Murphy.

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  1. We all have these elusive ancestors - maybe one day....