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In January 2014, Amy Johnson Crow of the Ancestry blog No Story Too Small issued the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge.
The premise: write once a week about a specific ancestor. It could be a story, a biography, a photograph, a research problem — any that focuses on that one ancestor. The next week, write about a different ancestor. In 52 weeks, you’ll have taken a closer look at 52 people in your family tree… and maybe learned a little bit more about them in the process
CATHERINE MATHEWS was born in New York City, New York on January 23, 1911.  Her parents were WILLIAM MATHEWS and MAMIE MC GUIGAN.  CATHERINE was known by a few different names, her family called her Sis or Sister and the younger generation called her Kay.  She was my father's sister, my Aunt Kay and Godmother.  
Catherine was the only girl with 3 brothers, Thomas born in 1909, William born in 1915 and James born in 1920.  I imagine she was doted on, I know my father thought she was very special.
Catherine got her drivers license about 1930 and the family had her take them for rides out to the country every weekend.  They also went up to Port Chester, New York to visit Aunt Alice, her Mother's sister.   I am surprised they even had a car. People who lived in New York City and the 5 boroughs rarely had cars because of all the buses and trains available to them.
On September 14, 1940 Catherine married Bartholomew Hurley.  They lived in Jamaica, Queens, New York at first and then settled in Richmond Hill, Queens when they started their family.  They had 5 children, William, Robert, Dennis, Joan, and Brian.
Bartholomew developed cancer and died in 1957.  Catherine went back to work as a secretary to take care of her family.  She was a very wonderful mother.  She was also a good friend to all her cousins who lived nearby.
The cousins, Bunny Morris, Grace White Mulrain, Kathleen Rudolph Mc Donough, Bunny Hickey and Helen Hickey Mahon were her favorites. They would get together every chance they could and would most likely play cards and talk. 
Catherine had her Mother and brother Tom living with her, after her husband died, for many years.  Catherine lived to see a couple of her children marry and have children. Catherine died July 29, 1989 and is buried in St. Charles Cemetery in Farmingdale, New York.

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