Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I have been researching the Moore family in Savannah, Georgia.  Horatio Nelson Moore is my 2nd great Grandfather.  I have followed his path in life from his 1825 birth in Moores Mills, New Brunswick, Canada, marriage in 1850, the births of his children, and his move to the south of the United States.

I believe he relocated in the South because of work opportunities.  His sister Emily and her husband Charles Williams moved down first and started a business.  I don't believe Horatio was much for any kind of hard labor but he was always involved  with music.  He first worked with a brother in his piano making business in Canada mostly in the tuning of the pianos.  He was also teaching singing in choirs.

Horatio lived in Mobile, Alabama at the start of the Civil War and was part of the Alabama Volunteers guarding the Mobile docks.  After the war the opportunity to move to Savannah arrived and he took it.  He began to work for the Chickering Piano Company of Boston, Massachusetts.  It is in this capacity that I found several inventions he had patented.  He patented 3 different inventions starting in 1890 and ending in 1894. Two were all in his name and the other one with another gentleman named John W. Brackett of Boston.

The patent numbers are #444,041 dated 6 January 1, 1891, #493,172 dated 7 March 1893 and #512,206 dated 2 January 1894.  Below is the first page of the Patent of January 1894.

Several census records indicate that his occupation was piano tuner.  I have some letters his sister wrote to folks back in Canada where she mentions Horatio's love of music and that he was working for the Chickering Company.  His brother John Warren Moore of St. Stephen, Canada became quite a famous furniture and piano maker.  Many of his furniture pieces are displayed in Fredericton, New Brunswick at the Kings Landing Historical Settlement. I believe Horatio learned his love of the piano and its making from his brother in Canada.
My grandchildren must have received their love of music and their gifts of playing instruments from the Moore family of Canada.

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