Friday, May 10, 2013

Cremation Records

I recently learned that the German Genealogy Group helped the Fresh Pond Crematory index all their records.

I didn't think I would have any relatives that were cremated years ago with most of them being Irish Catholic.  On my husband's line there was an Uncle of German heritage.  I found the Uncle's father in the index and requested the record.

Each record requested costs $36.00 and the Crematory couldn't tell me exactly what would be included.  I sent in my check and request on April 22 and received the record on May 10.  I received 6 pages of information.  The first page was a cover letter with the identifying information of Adolf Wipf.  It gave his age and occupation and where he was born.  It also gave me his birth date and death date.  His last residence was given and the place where he died.

The next 2 documents are letters from the funeral director to the Crematory indicating that they are authorized to handle the remains.

The last 3 documents are the Official Burial (or Removal) Permits. This document indicates where he died and what caused his death. On the last 3 documents there is a copy of the death notice from the newspaper.  Unfortunately, the name of the paper is not indicated.

I had looked for his death certificate in the New York City area but couldn't find it.  He lived most of his life in Ridgewood and Glendale.  He died in Central Islip State Hospital.  I am thinking he was put in that hospital because, as the records indicate, he was on welfare.

The only relative mentioned in the record was his son who paid for the service.

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