Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas a Time for Stories

This is the day after Christmas and we are having a blizzard.  Thankfully we don't have to go anywhere. 

I was thinking about long ago Christmas' and how families got together.  They would have had to travel to families in other towns and probably stay over several days.  I'm sure the presents and food we have today were nothing like what they would have been opening and eating.

I remember my father telling me that Christmas for him in the 1920's and 30's would have consisted of going to church and then coming home to dinner with family.  In the 1920's he lived in New York City and had several Aunts and Uncles living close by.  He didn't receive any kind of present just maybe an Orange in his stocking.  In those days fresh fruit was very hard to ship.  So oranges that grew in the south and out in California were prize gifts.  I have never seen any family photos of Christmas during that time period.

I remember Christmas time in 1947.  We lived in Bellerose, New York and the day after Christmas, like today, there was a big big blizzard.  We lost power and heat.  We all stayed in the living room and had blankets hanging at all the doors to keep warm.  At that time we didn't have large refrigerators and would shop just about everyday.  So the next day we got a sled out and trudged to the store to get milk and bread and eggs.  The streets weren't plowed and it stayed that way for days.

This year we had a beautiful Christmas with our family.

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