Saturday, February 16, 2013

Searching for the Michael Delaney Family


I have been wondering how I can further my search on my Delaney ancestors.  My great grandmother was Margaret/Maggie Delaney.  Her father was Michael Delaney and her mother was Mary A. Malloy.  I have found the family in the 1880 census in Brooklyn, New York.

I have also found the family in the 1870 census in Brooklyn, New York.  But could not find them in earlier census records in Brooklyn.

One of the family stories that I have heard is that Maggie was born in Newburgh, NY.  I never could find anything to suggest that except her death certificate.  So I started looking in the census in Newburgh, Orange County, New York.  It will take some time because the 1865 state census is not indexed. I believe Maggie was born about 1858 so she should be in that census.  I do have an 1860 census for Michael Delaney, wife Mary and daughter Maggie 7/12 mo. in Newburgh, NY that I believe is the family.

I have two other documents that might be Michael Delaney.  The first is the 1855 New York State Census of Newburgh.  It is a family with mother Catherine, Alie age 20, Michael aged 18, Patrick aged 17, and John aged 14.  It is the only family in Newburgh with a Michael and mother Catherine.  On Michael's death certificate it says his mother is Catherine, so I'm hoping it is right.  His wife gave the information so I think she would know but it is still questionable.

Another item I found is an index for Naturalization records.  It is for Orange County, New York stating Michael Delaney applied 26 February 1866 and finalized 18 March 1868.  I am trying to get that document and hope there is other information that will help confirm that it is the right Michael Delaney.

In all the census records he had all different occupations mostly involving labor work so that has not been any help.  In the 1900 census it indicates the family consisted of 6 children all together but only 2 living Catherine and Michael.  Maggie died in early 1900 so there are 3 others.  In one census I find a John in another I see an Alice so I will see if I can find any birth records going back into the 1860's and 1870's.  I haven't so far but new records are being put on-line all the time so I keep checking.

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