Sunday, February 6, 2011

Athletes in the Family

Today is the Super Bowl!

I don't think any of my family were football players in school.

My father was on the basketball team at Bishop Loughlin in the 1930's.  We had his uniform in the attic and many a Halloween we wore it for a costume.  I will look for any articles and pictures of him playing basketball. 

I have a picture of my brother playing Little League.

I know that my father-in-law fought in the Golden Gloves in New York City.  Unfortunately, he never won a title.  I will search newspapers for mention of him in the boxing world. 

I have a couple of pictures of my husband in a Little League uniform. 

Now my grandchildren are in sports at school.  I must get some pictures together of them in their uniforms.

This is an excellent way to put a story behind the names and dates.

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